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Drafter: CK
Typist: as
Legislature:  23 
Date Received: 1/21/1999
Date Assigned: 1/23/1999
Date Introduced: 8/10/1999
Date To LtGovernor:
Date To Senator: 7/23/1999
Date To Governor:
Date Approved:
Date Vetoed:
Date Overridden:
BR Number: 99-0545
Request Type: Bill
Bill Number: 23-0138
Act Number:
Resolution Number:
Amendment Number:
Governors Number:
Sponsors: David S. Jones
Subject: To establish a Constitutional Convention
Committee: Government Operations
Committee Action: 03/15/00 - Held 08/30/00 - Amended and Reported out to the Committee on Rules
Floor Action: 09/18/00 (Special Ordered) No action taken.
    Rules Action:
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