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Drafter: YLT
Legislature:  27 
Date Received: 2/19/2008
Date Assigned:
Date Introduced:
Date To LtGovernor:
Date To Senator: 3/17/2008
Date To Governor:
Date Approved:
Date Vetoed: 4/12/2008
Date Overridden:
BR Number: 08-1176
Request Type: Bill&Amend
Bill Number: 27-0171
Act Number:
Resolution Number:
Amendment Number: 27-927
Governors Number:
Sponsors: Terrence Positive Nelson, Liston A. Davis, Louis P. Hill, Neville A. James, Shawn-Michael Malone, Basil Ottley Jr., Ronald E. Russell, Juan Figueroa-Serville
Subject: Bill No. 27-0171 is amended by adding an appropriately numbered section to read as follows: Section ___. (a) Sebject to the financial disclosure requirements of 2 V.I.C., subsection 29, the sum of $2,000,000 is appropriated in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2008, to the Fifth Constitutional Convention for operating expenses. (b) The sum appropriated in subsection (a) remains avialable until expended, or until the Convention adjourned sine die, whichever events occurs first.
Committee Action:
Floor Action: 03/19/08-ADOPTED TO BILL NO. 27-0171 SECTION 18
    Rules Action:
Remarks: 02/22/08-Original draft was sent in on 02/19/08; Updated and original draft was faxed to St. C.
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