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Drafter: TF
Legislature:  29 
Date Received: 5/19/2011
Date Assigned:
Date Introduced: 6/17/2011
Date To LtGovernor:
Date To Senator: 6/9/2011
Date To Governor: 6/23/2011
Date Approved: 7/5/2011
Date Vetoed: 7/5/2011
Date Overridden: 7/7/2011
BR Number: 11-0792
Request Type: Bill
Bill Number: 29-0123
Act Number: 7261
Resolution Number:
Amendment Number:
Governors Number:
Sponsors: Carlton Ital Dowe, Celestino A. White, Sr., Ronald E. Russell
Subject: An Act enacting the Virgin Islands Economic Stability Act of 2011, amending Title 33 Virgin Islands Code, chapter 3 to add a new section 57 pertaining to Emergency Services Surcharge; to set the implementation date of the Act, to repeal section 29 of Act No. 6333 and for other purposes
Committee: FLOOR
Committee Action:
Floor Action: 06/22/11-AMENDED AND ADOPTED. AMENDMENT NO. 29-559
    Rules Action:
Remarks: 05/20/11 - Additional info submitted. 05/20/11 - Memo sent to Senator; Section that referenced Transfer Day is preempted.
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