President’s Corner

A Message from Senate President Myron D. Jackson


(Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands, January 9, 2017) Senate President Myron D. Jackson received the
oath of office, then was successfully seated as the President of the 32nd Legislature of the Virgin Islands. For
this honor, Senate President Jackson wishes express his heartfelt appreciation the people of the Virgin Islands.

“I would first like to thank God, my family, my friends, my staff and you the people of the Virgin Islands for
giving me the chance to serve this community since 2012. You, the residents of this territory have placed your
faith in me for three consecutive elections and I am eternally grateful for your vote of confidence,” Senate
President Jackson said.

As the challenges facing the territory are serious and numerous, Jackson found it necessary to call attention to
the need for unity in an effort to bring relief to the residents of the territory.

“There is a saying that calls our attention to the precarious nature of interesting times. I dare say that we have
been living in interesting times since the greedy bankers and financial brokers triggered the housing bubble
burst in 2008. In fact, I am certain that Virgin Islanders want our interesting times to come to an end and
prosperous, lucrative, and exciting times secured for all residents. Today is a bitter sweet day for me. Although I
have a certain level of excitement regarding the success of my candidacy and the formation of the wonderful
minds that have come together to serve you, I am cognizant of the times in which we live. This body has an
awesome responsibility. It is our duty to pass legislation that will assist to alleviate the hardships that our
residents are experiencing. It is not enough that some of us prosper while others suffer. It is our responsibility to
set the stage for the greatest number of our citizens to benefit. Let it be said that the weakest of us was not
abandoned by this government, because we are going to create a myriad of opportunities for our residents,” he

Senate President Jackson went on to acknowledge a few of the problems that residents are facing. However, his
faith in the ability of the 32nd Legislature to address these problems remains unwavering.

“Today, we face a failing retirement system, rising medical costs, hospitals that are struggling to sustain
themselves, an aging population that desperately needs comfortable living quarters, young males without
direction and a negative energy- infecting their thoughts, exorbitant St. John property taxes, collective
bargaining for overdue wages, and a tourism product that must be differentiated from Cuba and the rest of our
competition in the Caribbean. These are only some of the issues that demand our immediate attention. As
president of this body, you may rest assured that all these issues will receive their days and proper action before
the full body. Although we stand in a very precarious place and hope is fading, you may rest assured that this
body will do everything in its power to usher in brighter days. We do not profess to have all the answers;
however, we are willing, we are able, and we are committed. It is my hope that we will work in one accord on
behalf of our people. We are not here to pit one district against the other, but we are here to ensure that both
complement each other in an effort to stabilize the economic future of this beautiful place we call home,”
Senate President Jackson concluded.