Senator Positive T.A. Nelson

Positive T.A. Nelson, is a man of the people. First elected to serve in the Twenty-Sixth Legislature of the Virgin Islands, now a seventh term senator from the island of St. Croix. “Positive” he says, is not just a name but an attitude towards life. It is that kind of perspective that has earned Senator Nelson a reputation as an honest, efficient and responsive leader.  This is also expressed in his registered trademark, “Positive Is How I Live”, which he says is his non-secular way to bring people to living righteously.

“Being the senior sitting senator from the St. Croix District is an overwhelming honor. I am truly humbled that, though most are frustrated and distrustful of current representation, the people continue to stand with me on my quest for good government.”

Senator Nelson has a B.S. Degree in Accounting, St. Augustine’s University, leadership training certificates from the Henry Toll Fellowship and Eastern Leadership Academy, respectively; a certificate in “Driving Government Performance” from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, a certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Notre Dame University, and is a John C. Maxwell, certified Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Coach. He also holds certificates in mediation, arbitration, and hearing administration from the Public Employees Relations Board.

Additionally, Senator Nelson is a Fifth (5th) Degree Black Belt and Grand Master Instructor at his taekwondo school, “King Cobra” TKD of St. Croix. He’s practiced for over 27 years.

Senator Nelson is spiritually, culturally, and socially conscious and a community activist. He founded and directs “Positive Works, Inc.”, a youth organization; created “OVILU” an independent labor union; and founded and advised “Accountants on the Rise”, an accounting club at St. Croix Career and Technical Educational Complex where he taught Accounting; He also conducts annual events such as “Unity Retreat Camp”, Senior Citizen Brunch, Emancipation Day: Fort to Fort Walk, an annual vendor at St. Croix Agriculture and Food Fair, and is an inspirational and motivating Speaker at numerous events. The Senator has also begun farming over the past seven (7) years at Serenity’s Nest, his Zen Garden.

Senator Nelson is the third (3rd) of four children and the only boy of his parents. He is married to his high school sweetheart Kimberly (Roper) Nelson since 1993 and together they have three sons and a daughter, Terrence, Jr., Tafari, Tywreh, and Keturah. They are also very happy grandparents. He is an extremely proud graduate of St. Croix Central High School Class of 1985!

“The Virgin Islands is our home! The concepts of fiscal responsibility, energy efficiency, waste management, transportation infrastructure, broadband connectivity, speed, security, and reliability; food and water production, and cradle to grave healthcare network should not be sidebar conversations, any longer. We may have our faults and conditions may be depressed, but ,…this is Home!  We must be able to live here, work here, grow old here. The days of selfishness, corruption, and status quo are resistant, but leaving us. I am excited about our potential. We can grow if we commit to growth. I have offered the “V.I. Infrastructure Reconstruction Plan”, a sustainable economic revitalization strategy. I have offered Legalization of Marijuana, the fastest economic trend, social revolution, and evolution in Healthcare.

There’s no retreat, no surrender, no dying,—We must Do! I am humbled and honoured to again be chosen by the People to serve at this esteemed level of public service. I am ready! The Virgin Islands needs us now more than ever before. I challenge my colleagues in the 32nd Legislature, and Virgin Islanders where ever you are, “Let’s leave our egos, degrees, party affiliations, greed, and love of power outside the arena of deliberation, and instead bring in the power of love.”

Leadership is not dominance, it is exemplification through living by higher ideals. I call upon our entire community to accept responsibility to do your part, whatever it is. We must declare, believe, and own whatever it is we want the Virgin Islands’ Future to be. We must fill our sails, and chart for a course beyond our own time.

Thank You, again, St. Croix!!! I Love You, Right Back!!! Wake up and Live !!!”



Positive T. A. Nelson

Public Servant