Senator Kurt A. Vialet

Having been in public service for over 30 years, Kurt A. Vialet has achieved a distinguished career in government. As an active member of the Virgin Islands community, and a proven and dedicated leader within the Department of Education and the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, his journey has allowed him to serve as a Mathematics Educator, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, and currently an elected leader for a second term. His various roles in management and in educating public school students have allowed him to carve his niche in the Virgin Islands’ rich, diverse political history.

Kurt Anthony Vialet, was born on the beautiful island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands to parents, Roy Vialet of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and Helena Matta Vialet of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Due to his parents’ insistence that he grow up grounded, they saw it fit for him to be educated in the public-school system of the Virgin Islands from elementary school to high school, respectively. Upon graduation from the St. Croix Central High School in 1982, he obtained both a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics from the University of the Virgin Islands in 1987 and a Master of Arts Degree in Administration and Supervision in 1992.

Upon graduation from the University of the Virgin Islands, Kurt A. Vialet began his career with the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands working with the Department of Education. He has long worked for change as a Teacher and an Assistant Principal at the Elena L. Christian Junior High School, Principal at the St. Croix Educational Complex High School (SCEC) and Principal of the Arthur A. Richards Junior High School.

Kurt A. Vialet was charged with the duty of designing and structuring the organization and opening of the 2nd High School on the island of St. Croix, SCEC, and its academic program from its inception in August of 1995.  He was the “brainchild” of implementing the very first Science & Math Magnet program in the Virgin Islands to cater to the best and brightest minds.  Principal Vialet also designed and implemented the ELMER (Enhancing Literacy in Math, English & Reading) program which catered to struggling incoming 9th grade students who needed additional learning time in the high school setting.  He was instrumental in the coordination of opening the only school-based Health Clinic in the Virgin Islands at the SCEC High School and during his tenure, SCEC embarked on a journey and successfully attained its first accreditation from Middle States Association in May 2005.  This is a milestone in SCEC’s history.  Together with the entire faculty and staff at the SCEC High School, approximately 5,000 students graduated and thousands pursued higher education, especially in the fields of Science and Math.

As a proven and dedicated leader within the Department of Education, a beacon of intelligence and hope, in August of 2011 Kurt A. Vialet was then required to be what is known in Education as a “Change Agent of Schools.”  Thus, he was charged with revamping the Arthur A. Richards Junior High School.  Effective to this date, significant improvements and gains in test scores, overall student achievement and performance, behavior, and most importantly, promotion rate have been noted at the Arthur A. Richards Junior High School.

An active member of the Virgin Islands community, Kurt A. Vialet switched careers and entered the political arena in 2014 to highlight the importance of making our community a better place, wherein creating the best and most-educated workforce so that as a community we can thrive and excel to greatness.  In his bid to the Senate, he was elected and placed first and served as a Democratic Senator in the 31st Legislature of the Virgin Islands.

A different and unique challenge to serve the Virgin Islands community, Senator Kurt Vialet served as Chairperson of Health, Hospitals and Human Services, Vice Chair of Education and Workforce Development and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee.  He continued his journey of service by creating several different laws and amendments to bills that are of high impact to people’s daily lives, in his hope of creating a better Virgin Islands. During his first term in office, among the many measures he authored was the law establishing the conversion of all per diem and contract School Lunch and Hospital employees to full time GERS contributing members; advancing the cause, an Act appropriating funds for the Mechanic and Farming Programs at the Youth Rehabilitation Center, an Act requiring the Adjutant General to administer the Youth About Face and the Adult Forward March Programs, an Act providing for an accountability system for the achievements and growth of all students in the Virgin Islands Public School system, the Excellence Gap Bill, an Act to establish a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program at the St. Croix Campus of the University of the Virgin Islands and for the expansion of opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix Campus.

In 2016, Senator Vialet on his journey and his quest for a better quality of life for the people of the Virgin Islands, was again elected, placing first overall, to serve a second term in the 32nd Legislature of the Virgin Islands.

Kurt A. Vialet is involved in a myriad of countless community activities and he has been recognized for his outstanding service by several organizations. He is an avid reader, an advocate for young people, and a sports enthusiast with basketball and horse racing among his favorites. He is married to Wanda Figueroa-Vialet, an Educator, and together they have two daughters, Kurrisa and Kyminis Vialet.

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