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ST. THOMAS- On Thursday, Senate President Myron D. Jackson and the Members of the 32nd Legislature held their final Legislative Session of the year at the Earle B. Ottley Legislative Hall to consider several measures including the reorganization of their roles within the institution.

Bill No. 32-0166, a Resolution organizing and establishing the Majority Caucus, Officers, Chairpersons, Vice Persons and Membership of the Standing Committees of the 32nd Legislature and repealing Resolution No. 1839. Favorably approved, the measure was proposed by Senators Jackson, Blyden, Forde, Francis, James, O’Reilly, Sanes, Sarauw, Smith and Vialet. Senator Janelle K. Sarauw will join the Majority Caucus and serve as the Chairperson of the Committee on Workforce Development, with Sen. Nereida Rivera O’Reilly as Vice-Chairperson.

Nominee Johann A. Clendenin was reappointed as a member of the Public Services Commission (STX), followed by the approval of nominees Vaughn A. Hewitt to the Virgin Islands Housing Board (STX) and Lee Seiner to the Virgin Islands Port Authority Governing Board (STT) during Block I.

The following zoning requests and bills were favorably passed and forwarded to the Governor for further action:

· Bill No. 32-0143, an Act granting a use variance for Plot No. 45-A Estate Glynn. King Quarter, St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

· Bill No. 32-0155, an Act ratifying the Governor’s approval of Minor Coastal Zone Permit No. CZJ-22-16 (W) issued to WVJD, LLC.

· Bill No. 32-0165, an Act ratifying the Governor’s approval of Major Coastal Zone permit CZX-2-16 (W) between the Government of the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources and Carden Beach Recreation Association, Inc.

· Bill No. 32-0054, an Act amending Title 18, Section 94a granting the Supervisor of Elections the authority to set places, days and times for early voting.

· Bill No. 32-0089, an Act authorizing the reprogramming of a portion of the proceeds of the Matching Fund Revenue Bonds, Series 2009A (the Series 2009 Bonds”), issued pursuant to Act No. 7081, as amended by Act No. 7095, and certain Interest Earnings allocated to the Virgin Islands Department of Education to the financing of certain critical deferred maintenance of Department of Education non-school support facilities and certain school facility capital projects which require priority funding at this time.

· Bill No. 32-0097, an Act repealing section 116, 117, and 118 of Title 18 Virgin Islands Code, Chapter 5 relating to registration of electors, to bar cancellation of voter registration in every instance other than death.

· Bill No. 32-0102, an Act to repeal provisions that allow persons who are receiving a retirement annuity from the Government Employees’ Retirement System to return to work for the Government of the Virgin Islands without making contributions to the GERS amending the Virgin Islands Code; amending title 23, § 3 (e) relating to employment of retired police officers; amending title 3 sections 703 and 752 relating to membership in the Government Employees Retirement System; amending title 3, sections 706 (c) 755 (c) relating to retirees’ reentering Government services to allow only retired nurses, teacher and police officers to renter Government service for up to two years; and for other related purposes.

· Bill No. 32-0132, an Act amending Title 15 Virgin Islands Code, Part III to add a chapter 65 enacting the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act; and for other purposes related thereto.

· Bill No. 32-0136, an Act amending Title 29 Virgin Islands Code, Chapter 23, the Hotel Development Act, clarifying existing provisions and by adding sections 1312 through 1316.

· Bill No. 32-0137, an Act amending Title 29 Virgin Islands Code, Chapter 22 pertaining to Tax Incremental Financing and for other related purposes.

· Bill No. 32-0126, an Act approving the Lease Agreement between the Government of the Virgin Islands Department of Property and Procurement and Cruzan Group, LLC d/b/a AY-AY Palace.

· Bill No. 32-0010, an Act amending Title 13 Virgin Islands Code, Chapter 5, Section 531 relating to the rate and computation of franchise taxes, passed as amended for further review and consideration.

Senate President Jackson expressed his gratitude to the Central and Senatorial staff for their continued efforts throughout our Centennial year. “On behalf of the 32nd Legislature, we wish the people of the Virgin Islands a safe and blessed holiday season.”