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11-18-2021 Legislative Session (PRESS)
11-23-2021 Committee on Education Workforce and Development (PRESS)
11-30-2021 Committee on Government Operations and Consumer Protection Press
12-13-2021 Committee on Finance (PRESS)
12-14=2021 Committee on Education and Workforce Development (PRESS) STT Only
12-22-2021 Committee on Rules (PRESS)
12-23-2021 Legislative Session (Press)
3-2-2022 Dr. Athniel Addie Ottley Lying in State at the Legislature of the Virgin Islands STT (PRESS)
3-31-2021 Removing of the Fort Christian bust
7-7-2021 Committee on Finance Budget STT. (PRESS)
7-8-2021 Committee on Transportation and Telecommunications STT. (PRESS)
8-16-2021 Committee on Finance Budget STT Press
8-17-2021 Committee on Health Hospital and Human Services STT PRESS
8-18-2021 Committee on Finance Budet STT. Pictures PRESS
8-19-2021 Committeeof the Whole ST.Thomas PERSS
8-20-2021 Committee on Finance Budget STT. Pix For STX Meeting (PRESS)
8-23-2021 Committee on Finance Budget PMP and UVI STT pictures (PRESS)
8-27-2021 Committee on Government Operation & Consumer Protection STT Pictures PRESS
8-31-2021 Committee on Finance Budget Wrap up STT (PRESS)
9-13-2021 Committee on Finance Budget Bills STT (PRESS)
9-14-2021 Comon the Whole Health Insurance STT (PRESS)
9-8-2021 Committee on Economic Development and Agriculture STT Pix. (PERSS)