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10-10-18 Committee on Education Youth and Recreation PRESS
10-10-2018 Committee on the whole PRESS
10-11-2018 Committee on Rules and Judiciary PRESS
10-12-2018 Session PRESS
10-15-2018 Committee of the Whole St
10-15-2018 Session Day 2 PRESS
10-18-2018 Commitee on Homeland Security Justic and Public Safety PRESS
10-26-2018 Session PRESS
10-26-2018 Special Session UVI PRESS
10-3-2018 Committee on Gov Affairs Energy Enviro Prot PRESS
10-4-2018 Committee on Workforce Development Consumer Affairs Culture PRESS
10-5-2018 Committee on Health Hospitals - Human Services PRESS
10-9-2018 Committee on Finance WAPA Debt Limit PRESS
11-9-2018 Commettee on Finance St
8-14-2018 Committee on Finance Budget
8-15-2018 Committee Health on Hospitals and Human Services PRESS
8-16-2018 Committee Finance Budget Elections System Motor Vehicle Taxi Commission PRESS
8-20-2018 Committee on Finance Carnival Tourism Housing Authority PRESS
8-21-2018 Committee Finance Budget Agriculture WICO PRESS
8-23-2018 Committee on Rules and Judiciary Sheldon Turnbull Laura Palminteri
8-27-2018 Committee on Finance Bill No 32 0076 32 0101 32 0229 32 0237 17 0297 and Quitclaim Deed PRESS
8-28-2018 Committee Finance Budget Hearing Gov Financial Team PRESS
8-31-2018 Session PRESS
8-8-2018 Committee on Education PRESS
8-9-2018 Committee on Finance Budget Labor PRESS
9-11-2018 Committee of the Whole Bill No 32 0263 PRESS
9-12-2018 Committee on Finance Budget PRESS
9-13-2018 Committee on Rules and Judicary PRESS
9-18-2018 Committee on Finance Budget VIPA and Casion C C PRESS
9-19-2018 Session Budget Bills PRESS
9-20-2018 Committee on Homeland Security Justice and Public Safety PRESS
9-21-2018 Committee on Workforce Development Consumer Affairs and Culture PRESS
9-25-2018 Committee on Finance Lease Agreements PRESS
9-26-2018 Committee on Finance Banking and Insurance PRESS
9-5-2018 Hurricane Irma Anniversary PRESS
9-6-2018 Committee on Homeland Security Justice and Public Safety PRESS
Maria Lutheran church service
Senator Brian Smith St