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05-16-19 DeGraff Stroke Awareness Footage
06-26-19 Cmte on Education Pictures
09-09-19 Cmte
10-02-2019 Committee on Housing Transportation Inftastructure Telecommuications PRESS
10-1-2019 Committee of the Whole WAPA PRESS
5-17-2019 UVI St
5-22-2019 Legislatures Annual Senior Citizens Mock Session St Thomas VI PRESS
5-24-2019 African Liberation Day Ceremony PRESS
6-18-2019 Committee on Culture, Historic Preservation & Aging
7-10 2019 Committee on Homeland Security Justice Public Safety and Veterans Affairs PRESS
7-11-2019 Committee on Rules and Judiciary PRESS
7-15-2019 Virgin Islands Port Authority StJ and Stt Pictures
7-22-2019 Committee on Youth Sports Parks and Recreation PRESS
7-24 and 25-2019 for the drive
7-24-2919 Committee on Culture Historic Preservation and Aging PRESS
7-25-2019 Committee on Finance PRESS
7-29-2019 Committee on Finance Bills and Leases PRESS
7-30-2019 Committee on Finance Budget PRESS
7-5-2019 Committee on Culture Observance of VI Emancipation PRESS
7-9-2019 Committee on Finance 2020 Budget PRESS
8-16 2019 Committee on Housing Transpoptation infrastructure Telecommunictions
8-8-2019 New York City Council Member
9-12-2019 Governors Cabinet Swearing in Ceremony PRESS
9-16-2019 Legisative Session PRESS
9-18-2019 Committee on Government Operations Consumer Affairs Energy PRESS
9-25-2019 Committee on Rules and Judiciary PRESS
9-26-2019 Committee of the Whole and Session PRESS
9-27-2019 Committee on Youth Sports Parks and Recreation PRESS
9-9-2019 Committee on Culture Historic Preservation and Aging PRESS
Committee of the Whole
Committee on Economic Development, Regulations & Agriculture
Committee on Education and Workforce Development
Committee on Finance
Committee on Government Operations, Consumer Affairs, Energy, Enviroment and Planning
Committee on Health, Hospitals and Human Services
Committee on Homeland Security, Justice, Public Safety and Veterans’ Affairs
Committee on Housing, Transportation and Telecommunications
Committee on Rules and Judiciary
Committee on Youth, Sports, Parks and Recreation
MYR Opening
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STX 2019 Budget Hearings
womens day roundtable-Stx