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ST. CROIX- The Committee of the Whole held a zoning request hearing on Thursday in the Great Hall, the University of the Virgin Islands at the Albert A. Sheen Campus on St. Croix. Chaired by Senator Myron D. Jackson, the committee heard from several individuals seeking approval of zoning requests and use variances.
Petitioners Luis and Ludymar Ortiz requested to rezone Plot No. 56 of Parcel No. 67 Estate Mount Welcome to R-3 (residential-medium density) from R-2 (residential low density-one and two family). The applicants intend to construct a three-story, two-family dwelling. They will reside in one unit and have the second unit available for a family.
Luis Ortiz said he applied for the zoning change because he is building a three-story home on stilts and he wants to enclose the bottom portion to build an apartment. According to Leia LaPlace, Department of Natural Resources Territorial Planner, the home would be allowed on the property as it is currently zoned if the owners didn’t plant to enclose the bottom portion.
Petitioner Justina Barbour (authorized agent, Monique Dass) requested a use variance be granted to the R-2 (residential-low density-one and two family) zoned Plot No. 17 of Parcel No.2 Estate Concordia, St. Croix. The purpose stated is to place two containers on the property, of which one will be used as a bakery and the second will be used as a retail clothing store.
Dass said she was told by DPNR in due diligence, the containers can be used as proposed if they look like they are part of the house, so they will be covered with wood and painted to blend in with the house.
Petitioners Timothy and Marie Granderson requested two separate zonings and variances. The first is to amend Zoning on No.SCZ-12 C (commercial) to B-2 (Business-Secondary/Neighborhood) for Plot No. 1-C Estate Clifton Hill. The proposal is to first relocate the business activity of Freight Forwarding Service with accessory Warehouse & Storage services onto Plot No. 168 Estate Clifton Hill and to allow occupancy of the first floor by various business tenants and the second floor by a guesthouse.
The second request is the relocation from Plot No. 1-C Estate Clifton Hill of the applicants’ business activity, Freight Forwarding Services with accessory Warehouse & Storage Services doing business as Distance Freight. DPNR’s LaPlace-Matthew gave a mixed recommendation on the two applications that were submitted by Distance Freight. She recommended denying the application request, nothing opposition from neighbors.
Petitioner Hans Lawaetz requested that a use variance is granted to the A-1 (Agricultural Zone) Plot no. 2AF Estate Upper Love, St. Croix to use the guesthouse as a bed and breakfast. According to him, he has received several requests from potential tenants asking if space is available for rent, so he and his wife decided it would be a good business move to start a bed and breakfast business.
Petitioner Wendy Phoenix for plot No.10-D Estate Constitution Hill on St. Croix from R-1 (residential-low-density) to R-2 (residential-low density-one and two family). The purpose is so that it can be consolidated with an adjacent property and then re-subdivided.
Members present during the zoning hearing: Senators Myron Jackson, Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly, Jean Forde, Brian Smith, Marvin Blyden, Janette Millin-Young, Positive Nelson, Tregenza Roach, Kurt Vialet, Dwayne DeGraff and Novelle Francis.