BILL NO. 32-0001

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BILL NO. 32-0001

32nd Legislature of the Virgin Islands

This bill organizes the 32nd Legislature, and establishes the Majority Caucus, elects the officers, establishes the standing committees, appoints the committee chairs, committee vice chairs and committee members, and adopts the Rules of the 32nd Legislature.

• Senator Myron D. Jackson-President

• Senator Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly-Vice-President

• Senator Jean Forde-Secretary

• Senator Neville James-Majority Leader

• Senator Jean Forde-Secretary for Intergovernmental & Territorial Affairs

• Senator Marvin Blyden-Liaison to the United States Congress

• Senator Brian A. Smith-Liaison to the United States Dept. of Interior, Office of Insular Affairs

• Senator Sammuel Sanes-Liaison to the White House

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